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2018-09-16 09:11

This foundation has been established by natural entities whose address and signature are present under these articles of foundation.

Article 1. The name of the foundation is ‘Özgürlük Yolu Vakfı’. (The Way Of Liberty)

Article 2. The principal office of the foundation is in Ankara and the detail address is as follows Kültür Mahallesi Sağlık 2. Sokak 56/10 Çankaya/ Ankara. Branch offices, agencies and contact offices could be establishes in and outside of the country by the approval of the board and lawful authorities.

Article 3. The objectives of the foundation are as follows: Especially in Turkey, starting from our region to worldwide, to achieve and improve the liberal and pluralist democracy. Empower the local administrations. Reach and help people who are suffering from poverty, grouping (gender, race and religion), war, forced migration or migration that are not desired, natural disaster etc. injured, disabled, hungry and homeless. To prevent the violation of basic rights and liberties. For all the bedeviled ones, apply education, training, health and social movements. Create and practice such activities that contribute to the rehabilitation, personal, physical and mental development by the use of a basic education scheme for children who cannot take advantage of basic education. Establish and operate schools, educational institutions and publishing houses in order to achieve educational development that will generate employment.

Article 4.
a) Provide moral and material support for the ones that are aggrieved.
b) Raise money or donations in kind in order to provide basic requirements such as food, clothing, and housing to the aggrieved ones.
c) Starting with critical regions, apply psychosocial support for the ones that can be reach like children, patients, elders etc. and also for the ones who are agonized, harassed or raped.
d) Create education and training points in areas that the focus group present and form educational activities by the help of volunteers and support ones that are already active.
e) Increase the awareness of public opinion, in order to achieve the lifelong improvement of education and training apply the required media and communication activities that can be temporary or permanent. Conduct campaign or be a part the process for the mentioned purpose.
f) Provide studies on language, history and culture; protect not only the historical artifacts but also the cultural values and artifacts, develop them, set up publishing houses; publish books, magazines, newspapers, journals, brochures that can be scientific, educational and introductive.
g) Engage in activities that are for protection and improvement of natural environment and increase the awareness on that topic.
h) Organize workshops, symposiums, conferences, panels, competitions, hold events and exhibitions. Also, make or take part in activities such as movies and theatre. i) Built academic institutions that can be a part of the foundation and aimed to make researches or cooperate with the present ones.
j) Cooperate with the academic personals or academicians in order to make observations, analyses, examinations, questionnaire studies, prepare reports and share the results of the studies both published and electronically in accordance with the foundations purposes.
k) Help people and families that are aggrieved and provide moral and material, psychosocial, legal support. Also, cooperate and support the non-governmental organizations and other kinds of organizations that make activities for the same purpose.
l) Buy, use in accordance with the foundations purposes and sell movable and immovable properties for the corporate, branch offices and also others that will be required for the activities also donate them to the other institutions that have similar objectives.
m) Establish and run hospitals, community clinics, mobile hospitals, clubhouses, guesthouses, reading rooms etc. and cooperate with the present ones.
n) Be active both in domestic and foreign activities and cooperate with the other institutions that can be non-governmental, governmental, private establishments and trade bodies.
o) Create study committees, make organizations and activities that can be resource.
p) To achieve the goal of the foundation, set up or cooperate the present education, culture, psychotherapy and rehabilitation centers that can be a resource for the activities and employ and educate the required personnel.
q) Award nonrefundable or refundable grants for the students, support the academicians in their scientific studies, lend money, help and support the academicians and graduates that are willing to scientific researches and studies in the country or abroad. Organize courses, excursions, national and international conferences that can improve the students’ and academicians’ knowledge and skills. Create social and sportive activities for academicians, students, officers and employees.
r) Compile and translate literary works and others that are about religion, history, science, ideology. To achieve this, host competitions, make researches and publish them. Open a publishing houses or bookshops in order to provide beneficial works like books and journeys etc. then sell them with low price and distribute them.
s) Open private nurseries, primary schools, high schools for the improvement of adults skills establish language, computer, needlecraft, university preparation and study centers.

Article 5. The foundation is permitted and authorized to take the following actions by the bounding laws: To buy or hypothecate real and movable estates, make agreements to buy, sell, lease, mortgage and barter goods, accept donations, invest, give shares, make co-investments in trade, social, cultural and financial businesses to subsidize costs of the foundation, earning income and dividends from these activities and invest in other activities, provide collateral, take debt, mark transfers, refurbish or rent property, run joint-operations. All the activities of the foundation are either objective-oriented or to create resources for the objectives. The foundation is permitted and authorized by the Turkish Civil Law to carry out these operations. The foundation will cooperate with foreign public and private institutions and people will sign agreements and preliminary contracts. The foundation could make international savings unless it is prohibited by the Article 993 of the Turkish Civil Law.

Özgürlük Yolu Vakfı
Kültür Mahallesi Sağlık 2. Sokak 56/10
Kızılay - Ankara
Tel: 0541 544 38 06
Faks: 0312 424 11 69
E-mail: info@ozgurlukyolu.com