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Appeal for donations: Help for earthquake victims in Kurdistan
2023-02-08 20:20

The earthquakes in Kurdistan on February 6, 2023, with the epicenters around Dîlok/Entep and Elbistan, brought incomprehensible devastation and destruction: thousands dead, tens of thousands injured, and many thousands buried.

Survivors are holding out in the open in freezing temperatures for fear of further aftershocks. The worst hit are the mainly poor Kurdish population, who has been tormented by state repression, systematic oppression and discrimination for decades.

The central federation of Kurdish associations in Germany is following the shocking news with dismay. Many cries for help have reached us. People report about relatives who are still buried and hope to be recued, and are without shelter. In the coming days, blankets, warm clothing and other relief supplies will be in great demand. Fast support is needed now!

Therefore, the central federation of Kurdish associations in Germany, together with the Kurdistan cultural and benefit association in Berlin, has therefore launched a major fundraising campaign to reach people in the earthquake zone directly.

Make your donation now!

Account: Spendenkonto für Erdbeben Türkei/Syrien

IBAN: DE18300606010002151391


BANK: apoBank

Reference: Spende Erdbeben Kurdistan 2023